PTA Forms

Deposit FORM

Deposit forms can be found in the PTA workroom or by clicking this link. Please complete and sign the form with 2 signatures from your committee members and place it in the lock box in the workroom.  Please do not hold checks or cash for more than a few days. Contact the VP Long Range Planning, Van Nguyen, to alert her of large deposits left in her box or if you have a large cash deposit that may need delivery directly to her.



All check / reimbursement requests are submitted electronically! Simply use the reimbursement/check request form . It’s easy to use and can all be done from your phone. We will no longer use the paper envelopes.

Please READ THESE simple guidelines CAREFULLY in order to keep this process seamless for everyone:

  1. First scan / print your receipts or invoices to PDF.  Please only submit one request if you have multiple receipts for the same payee/check request.  There are various FREE scanning apps, such as Adobe Scan.  Please no PICTURES / JPEGs.
  2. Please fill out the form entirely and make sure you are using a category that exists within our PTA budget when you record what your payment is for. If you need a list of specific Budget categories and explanations, please email Keleigh Spinner, Treasurer.

Remember we cannot reimburse for sales tax! The only exceptions to this are purchases made at Costco or Sam’s.


Sales Tax Form

Use this Sales Tax Exempt Form when purchasing an items for PTA and school use. COSTCO and SAMS do not accept the form so BHE PTA will reimburse you for Sales Tax