Gifted & Talented Program

Referral Information:


If you are interested in referring your child for SBISD's Gifted & Talented Program the referral window is open from now until Wednesday, October 20th


Online referrals are accepted for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. Students may be referred multiple years in a row. 


For an overview, please refer to the GT Referral instructions or simply visit the GT Referral Form to apply. 


If you are unsure whether or not the GT program would be a good fit for your child, please consider attending the "Should I Refer My Child for GT Services" Virtual Community Awareness Meeting. The meeting will occur on Zoom on Tuesday, September 19th from 6-7 PM. 


Questions? Contact Melissa Farber (713.251.5417), BHE Counselor

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BHE Students currently identified as Gifted & Talented (GT) may receive the following services through SBISD:

Primary Gifted Program (PGP) – serving Kindergarten – 2nd grade

In addition to daily GT services in their BHE classrooms, identified GT students in grades K-2 are offered GT services through a pull-out program for 90 to 120 minutes a week (students remain on the BHE campus during this time). Pull-out instruction focuses on the development of independent research skills and on meeting the social-emotional needs of GT students. The BHE Primary Gifted Program is run by Jill Melancon who oversees Special Programs at BHE.

SPIRAL at Bendwood – serving 3rd – 5th graders 

In addition to daily GT services in their BHE classrooms, identified GT students in grades 3-5 are offered GT services through a pull-out program that takes place at the Bendwood campus. Students are bussed from the BHE to Bendwood one day a week for a full day of services with GT students from other campuses. Instruction in the SPIRAL program at Bendwood is interdisciplinary. Units of study are designed to provide the depth and complexity that GT students need, while also addressing their social-emotional needs.  


If you have a BHE Student currently identified as GT and would like further campus-specific information and ways to connect to other GT parents, please contact the BHE GT parent liaison, Jennifer Choo to be added to the parent email list.


Please visit the SBISD Advanced Academic Studies webpage and scroll down to the “Forms and Information” section for details about the GT identification process. Specific questions concerning your child can be directed to your child’s teacher and the BHE Counselor, Melissa Farber.


 You may contact our Special And Gifted Education (SAGE) Liaison, Jennifer Chooif you have further questions about SBISD's Gifted and Talented program.