Watch D.O.G.S. Program

12/3/2023 10:28 pm

Watch Dogs


 About the Watch D.O.G.S.


About the ProgramThe Watch D.O.G.S. (Dad's of Great Students) empowers dads to get involved in schools, promoting the importance of education and serving as positive role models for students. This initiative, which started 25 years ago, enables dads to be directly involved in schools, enhance security, and emphasize the significance of education.


Volunteer: Ensure you sign-up to be an SBISD volunteer to participate. 


When: Starting in January, after the Christmas break, every Thursday and Friday, up to six dads will take a day off from work to spend the entire day at school with students. A detailed schedule will be provided by the school, focusing on running grade-specific science labs and interacting with students.


Sample Schedule for Watch D.O.G.S


How to Sign-up: Look for the SignUpGenius link, which will be available on the date of the Kickoff Party.


Swag: Watch D.O.G.S. shirts will be available for purchase to wear on your Watch D.O.G.S. day. 


Questions? Contact Program Coordinator, Michael Chachere