Room Parent Information 

Room Parent duties

Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Room Parent for your child’s class. This is a very important job because you are a vital link between the PTA and the teachers working with your children. As a Room Parent, your responsibilities are as follows: 



Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Thursday, December 9 

The Teacher Appreciation Luncheon is hosted by the PTA and will be held on Thursday, December 8. You will be asked to sit in your child’s classroom, or find  someone to take your place, while your teacher attends this event. The luncheon  usually lasts about an hour. 


Plan the Winter Holiday Party – Friday, December 17 

Parties should be consistent across your grade level. This is a school policy. Two parents per class should plan to attend the party. If either room parent  cannot attend, they should find a replacement. Each grade level will have a “coordinator” that will be the point person for coordinating and communicating all  plans for the grade level. 

  • The grade level money can be used to purchase party favors, pay for a craft,  refreshments, etc. Your budget is $250 per grade level for the winter party.  Any left over money can transfer over to the Spring Room Parent budget. 
  • You can supplement by asking parents to contribute things like refreshments. 
  • There is usually enough time for a game and/or a craft. Please do not plan  activities that use glitter. And we encourage the coordinator to ask the lead  teacher on the grade level if they have specific activities/games that have worked  for them in the past that they would like to continue. 
  • The PTA will provide pizza, plates and napkins for all of the classes on the day  of the parties.


Valentine’s Day – Monday, February 14 

Room Parents in grades K-2 will be on hand to lead the class in a simple game  or read a book, pass out a sweet treat and assist students in passing out their valentine cards (if needed). Please communicate with your teacher on the  proposed game/book and the best time for the classroom celebration. 

Room Parents in grades 3-5 will not need to attend any grade level festivities as the teachers in 3rd-5th grades lead a simple classroom Valentine’s celebration on their own. 


Spring Fling - Friday, April 22nd 

Spring Fling is one of the highlights for the children, as well as a fund-raiser for  the PTA. You will be asked to secure volunteers to work your class booth and will  also need volunteers to make cakes/cookies for the cakewalk booth. More  information will be given to you as the date approaches. 


Last Day of School Pizza Party - Thursday, May 26 

Parties should be consistent across your grade level. This is school policy. Each  grade level will have a “coordinator” that will be a point person for coordinating  and communicating all plans. You should also consult with the teachers before  plans are finalized. 

  • The PTA provides pizza, paper plates & napkins for all classes.
  • You will need to  provide drinks and dessert.
  • Two parents per class are needed to help serve the  pizza. Talk with your teacher to see if they would like to plan any games, crafts or activities. Please do not plan activities that use glitter.


The grade level money can be used for party favors, a craft, refreshments, etc. Your budget is $250 per grade level for the entire semester. Please remember to submit your receipts on or before the day of the party, as the PTA treasurer  will be trying to close out the books for the school year soon after school is out. 


Recognizing Special Occasions 

You are not required to organize anything to recognize special occasions (birthday, marriage, baby, etc), but it can make the school year more memorable for both the teacher and students if you choose to do so. 


Some suggestions for celebrating might be: 

  • have the kids sign a card
  • place a banner outside the classroom
  • have each student
  • bring one flower to make a unique flower arrangement 

If you are planning something, it is important to contact ALL parents in your classroom. We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate if they choose. 


We will have useful information about each BHE staff member available on the website. On it you will find their birthday, favorite color, hobbies, and special ways that you might be able to treat them throughout the year.  


If for any reason you are planning to do a “Group Gift” please be sure to give ample notice to all parents. Often letters are sent out only a few days before the occasion, and some parents have already shopped for a gift.


Also, when asking for contributions, please word your letter like this “If you would like to participate in a group gift, please  send a gift card or cash in the amount of your choice.”


You can decide whether you  want to ask for gift cards or if you are asking for cash to buy a gift, just let the parents know that any amount is fine. When added together this will make a substantial gift, and no one family has been asked to contribute what might be out of their financial comfort zone. We want everyone to feel like they can participate. 


Thank you again for volunteering for this position. If you have any questions feel free to contact one of the Room Parent Advisors below. 


2021-2022 Room Parent Advisers 

Lindsey Martin



Olivia Porter



Go to "PTA info" tab at the top of the page, it will have a drop down box, at the bottom of the list is "Room Parent Info", from there you will find the following; 

  • Fall and Spring Room Parent Duties 
  • Sample Letter to send to parents to collect for teacher gifts 
  • Reimbursement Information 
  • Teacher "wish list" for gifts  
  • Sales Tax Form (located right above Room Parent Info-in PTA forms)

Fall Room Parent Duties

Spring Room Parent Duties


Other Info

Sample Gift Letter



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